TV Programme

Chico Chugg: series 1 & 2  is made up of 49 seven-minute episodes. It’s a pre-school series told through the eyes of a loveable Jack Russell dog that lives with his family aboard their narrowboat ‘Wah Wah Chugg’.

The series aired on Sky Kids and Now TV. It is currenly on BBC iPlayer and S4C in Welsh as "Nico Nog". Click here to visit the Chico Chugg website.

Series 1 won our company an Royal Television Society Award for Best New Talent. Series 2 earned us 2 RTS nominations for Best Fictional TV Series and Best Children's.

Chico has his own website  which children visit regularly, checking on his daily diary and  following his life around the marina.

Shot in full broadcast HD, this pre-school series for 4 to 7 year olds follows Chico, his family and his doggie friends through their daily lives.

Every episode has a new song written and produced by Mike Roberts. (King, Dexy’s Midnight Runners.)

Based on the children’s books by Janet Roberts you can now watch ‘Chico Chugg’ on:

Shot and scripted entirely from a dogs perspective bringing to children a comfortably familiar humour and innocence.

Nico Nog

S4C can be viewed in Wales on

    •Freeview – 4

    •Virgin TV – 166

    •Freesat - 104

    •Sky – 104

    •Sky (without subscribing) – 134

S4C can be viewed outside Wales on

    •Virgin TV – 166

    •Freesat - 120

    •Sky – 134

‘Chico Chugg’ becomes ‘Nico Nog’ on S4C

Nico Nog is now available on the Welsh national channel S4C and the BBC iPlayer.

In Wales, ‘Chico Chugg’ is known as ‘Nico Nog’, due to differences in language translation. Each story is told and sung in Welsh.

Series 2 will launch first on S4C this spring.